Orient City

Orient City. Towering up through the clouds, it was built vertically on top of four rocks connected by the channels of water at their base. A city whose poor dwell at the bottom, quite literally. As the city rises up, connected by stairways and cable cars, so do the classes. Its architecture is mainly composed of steel structures with Asian characteristics, such as Chinese rooftops, dragon gargoyles, Chinese lampions and bamboo construction stands. The poor live in favela-like neighborhoods, carved into the rock walls but featuring a distinct oriental-style, while the higher society lives an opulent, wasteful lifestyle above the clouds.

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Relying on its natural resources, each rock has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Electricity does not exist in Orient City, making coal a valuable commodity.

A once peaceful collection of islands that relied mainly on fishing, progress has come at a price. Each rock also has an indigenous warring faction. And although the Orient City Guard keeps the peace, a tenuous balance between policing the streets and regulating the black market that the gangs exploit exists. Gunpowder is still new, those weapons only fire one shot. In a crowded, vertical city where nothing comes cheap, it is more practical to carry a blade weapon.

Surrounded by water, it comes as no surprise that fish is the main staple of every citizen’s diet. The fish market, where most of the fish is routed through, is Tombstone. This may be because the biggest and most central dock in and out of Orient City is on this rock. The Dead Eels, a gang fluent in the art of ninjitsu, operate out of Tombstone.

A world of steel and rock, trees were once prevalent in Orient City, particularly on Deadwood. It gets its name because the trees that once populated the rock have been destroyed in the name of progress. The smallest but most ruthless gang, the Kobra Kong, are embraced and protected by its citizens.

Black Rock is the darkest, and poorest, of the rocks. This is where all of the coal on Orient City is mined. Khan the Butcher runs the Muskrats off of Black Rock, a gang that is known for their brutality.

All of the coin in Orient City is mined on Dorado, which is the shortest rock but its buildings extend the furthest into the sky. The denizens are rarely bothered by the Golden Mantises, because their main operations are gambling and sex - two trades the rich folk of Dorado, and other rocks, want in spades.