Orient City

Orient City is a samurai spaghetti western that features gorgeous hand-drawn animation mixed with lush 3D worlds filled with white-knuckle action. It contains popular elements attractive to audiences worldwide as an epic good versus evil story uniquely situated amidst a world of dark secrets and mystifying lore.

A towering place, it is made up of four inhabited rocks surrounded by the infnite sea. Above the clouds, its skyscrapers give opulent ambiance for the high society while, as we go closer to sea level, buildings are jammed together and carved in the rock walls. Down here people live in poverty and constant fear of crime. They travel on boats in the murky lagoons, and above the ground they use cable cars. Traditional western haunts such as bars, brothels, barbershops and pawnshops are crammed around cable car stations.

Smart Production and Distinct Vision

The combination of hand-drawn animation with modern day filmmaking technology and 3D animation allows us to make something breathtaking with a relatively low cost.

What sets apart Orient City is not only the quality of the story but also the depth and breadth of experience and expertise in the talents of the company’s filmmaking team. Having experience in animation production, both CG and 2D, these artists now embrace the ease, cost and advantages of the digital production process. The technique used in Orient City would have been impossible to achieve at this budget level just several years ago. Their expertise in the process will allow the company to make a high quality motion picture with a shorter production schedule and less capital investment.

With a wealth of production experience on visual effects and animated films, but with their feet firmly planted in the independent world, the production team knows what it takes to get things done with an eye on keeping costs as low as possible.